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LN Linear Incremental Encoders

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The stainless steel scale and internal nickel-chrome ball bearings make the LN linear encoder incredibly rugged and durable.  Traditional glass scales are susceptible to breakage from shock, vibration, and temperature.  The LN linear encoder scale is 30 times more shock resistant and 50% more vibration tolerant than glass scales and has a wide operating temperature range of 0º to 70º C.


The LN linear encoder is designed as a non-contacting system of measurement.  There are no parts that wear out and need to be replaced.


The LN linear encoder can operate at traverse rates of up to 20 meters per second, twice the speed available from typical glass scale linear encoders.  The wrap-around read head minimizes the possibility of critical gaps varying with traverse speeds and the onboard digital signal processor (DSP) allows for rapid sample rates.


The LN linear encoder has an industry leading IP67 environmental rating.  The non-contacting read head is completely filled with an epoxy resin, making it resistant to environmental contamination.  Dust, liquids, and debris commonly found in industrial environments will not affect the performance of the LN linear encoder.


The LN linear encoder provides industry standard differential quadrature outputs that are compatible with most standard counters, PLC’s and computer interfaces.  It operates between 5 and 28 VDC and is equipped with either line driver or open collector outputs.  In addition, the LN series includes universal mounting adapters, allowing for easy installation.

LN Linear Incremental Encoder datasheet
(PDF, 2 pgs/291k)

BEI Linear Incremental Encoder datasheet
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