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HS35 hollow shaft incremental encoder

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Incremental Optical Encoder

Model Number:


Shaft Diameter:


Resolution*:     (*Additional resolutions are available, see product specifications or contact factory.)


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The HS35 is the standard for Industrial Hollow Shaft style encoders. It is a rugged encoder designed to mount directly to a shaft. Installed length is about 2 inches and it uses a tether to prevent the encoder body from rotating.

* Cast metal housing * Dual preloaded bearings * O-Ring sealed for IP65 rating * Stainless Steel Shaft * CE rated *

Standard Features Include

  • Rotating shaft seal (SS in the model number)
  • Two channels in quadrature plus an index and complements (ABZC)
  • Multi-voltage line driver ( 5 -28 VDC in, V out = V in)
  • Sealed, 10-pin MS-style connector with threaded shell

Your Choice of:

  • Tethers: R1= Block and pin, for large axial play; R2= Tether arm universal mount
  • Resolutions: 100 to 5,000 cycles per turn (up to 10,000 with interpolation)
  • Mounting shaft diameters: 100 = 1.00 inches, 75 = 0.75 inches, 62 = 0.625 inches, 50 = 0.50 inches