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Rotary Encoders & Position Sensor Products at BEI Sensors


Visit the newly redesigned BEI Sensors website at


The new website features improved navigation and functionality - with an extensive product portfolio covering our position sensors and rotary encoder product lines. The product portfolio includes our rotary optical encoders, potentiometers, Hall effect sensors, and other related position sensing products for motion control applications.


There are several ways to access product information quickly, including the option of browsing by product type, certification or product model family. The new website also offers Express Encoders for the most popular configurations of our standard model rotary optical encoders with six styles (four incremental and two absolute encoder types) to choose from - over 2,000 different configurations - that ship in 1 to 3 business days with no expedite fees.


The new site was designed to be an engineering resource on all things related to encoders and position sensors. It includes a glossary of common terms , encoder FAQs and installation videos. There is in-depth information on the technologies that BEI offers that helps to help users understand and choose the best position sensor products to meet their industrial motion control needs.


Click here to explore the new BEI Sensors site.